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2015年11月 4日 (水)

「南極の海洋生物資源の保存に関する委員会 (CCAMLR) 第34回 年次会合」の結果について



「5. 主な結果

 2016年漁期(2015年12月~2016年11月)のメロ及びオキアミの保存管理措置が次のとおり決定さ れました。
 メロの総漁獲可能量(TAC*2)が10,995トン(前年:11,872トン)と決定されました。 我が国漁船 が操業を予定している海区の漁獲可能量は、合計で4,135トン(前年:4,373トン)となりました。
 また、現在閉鎖(操業禁止)されている海区において、メロ資源状態の調査を行うこと を目的とする 我が国の調査計画が昨年に引き続き認められました。
 *2 TAC: Total Allowable Catch
 オキアミのTAC が574万トン(前年:561万トン)と決定されました。(我が国漁船の 操業はない)
 ロス海及び東南極海における海洋保護区の設置提案について協議が行われましたが、合意に至らな  かったため、引き続き協議することとなりました。
 また、我が国より、海洋保護区の設置に際し、統一的な基準の下で各提案を評価するためのチェック リストの導入を提案し、歓迎され、本年休会期間中に完成させることとなりました。」←ここまで


On the final day of the meeting, we achieved a significant breakthrough – China agreed to support a revised proposal of the Ross Sea marine protected area!
That progress was due in large part to the support from people like you, who participated in our Thunderclap, the Penguin Plunge, the petition, and other social media over the past year. Continued pressure by civil society is an important component of these negotiations. It is critical that the delegates know how many people are watching and that they will be held to account for their actions – or lack of action.
China’s support is an important step forward after years of talks. Following negotiations between China, the US and New Zealand, the revised Ross Sea MPA proposal is 20% larger than the previous plan, with a total size of 1.57 million km2. The increase comes from the addition of a 322,328 km2 krill research zone.
While this is a very important step forward, and huge progress was made, neither the Ross Sea or East Antarctic proposals for marine protected areas made it across the line this year.
However, there are good reasons to be positive about the future of our oceans. In recent weeks we’ve witnessed the creation of nearly three million km2 of newly protected ocean areas in other parts of the world.
These include huge areas around New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands, around Chile’s Desventuradas and Easter Islands, and around the Pacific island nation of Palau. Those countries and the organisations working on these efforts deserve huge congratulations.
CCAMLR’s failure is in stark contrast to these wonderful achievements.
The Antarctic Ocean Alliance and our partners will continue our work to strengthen support for these critical marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean, preparing delegations to meet CCAMLR’s conservation mandate in 2016.
Science, history and momentum are on our side. Eventually we will succeed. In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your concern and help in spreading the message.
Please press “share” to email or facebook this message along to a friend. The more ocean defenders we have, the better chance we have of making 2016 the year that marine protection progresses to the Southern Ocean.

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